Version History

Changes in PLDA 5.2 (September 2011):

Sheet dialog (main PLDA dialog):
  • "CDA4" button is now hidden by default. It is possible to Show/Hide the button in Page / Settings dialog.
  • "Report" button is moved Page / Settings dialog.
  • Added "Old" button (next to "Show Trim Box" Button) - Shows / Hides the original Trim Boxes on imposed sheet.
  • Added "Preview" button.
  • Added "To Base" option for N-up imposition.
  • When Trim Box is shown, page number is displayed next to its size.
  • Added current imposition preset name next to "Borders and Sheet disposition".
Page / Settings dialog:
  • Removed "Variable Data Shuffle" button.
  • Added "Report" button.
  • Added "Show CDA4" option.
  • Changed dialogs for saving and loading imposition presets.

Changes in PLDA 5.1 (January 2011):

  • Added Hot Folders.

Changes in PLDA 5 (November 2010):

Menu PLDA:
  • Added "Deactivate" option - used when moving the license to another computer.
  • Added "Backup" option - saves all PLDA settings to a PDF file.
  • Added "Restore" option - restores chosen PLDA setting from a PDF file.
Page / Settings dialog:
  • Added "UserUnit" button. Used to set UserUnit for whole document. PLDA can only impose documents with UserUnit set to 1.

    UserUnit specification can be found in PDF Reference, sixth edition, version 1.7, implementation note 177 in Appendix H.

  • Added "Summary" button. Creates an HTML summary of PDF files (names, number of pages, sizes etc.). Can also rename the files according to the page format.
  • Added "Imposed files" option. Imposed files can be shown and/or automatically saved. Automatic save will keep the original PDF version (compatibility.
  • Added "Impose Annotations and Form Data" option. Previous PLDA versions did not impose these components.
Sheet dialog (main PLDA dialog):
  • Information about new sheet now also contains new Trim Box size (in parentheses).
  • ALT + click the information about background file shows complete path to the file.
  • ALT + click the Mixer information shows the Mixer rule.
  • Added Duplexing options (switching sheet borders on even sheets) separately for Left-Right and Top-Bottom borders. Left-Right Duplexing is automatically set-up when imposition type "Booklet" or "Cut Stacks" (double-sided) is chosen.
  • Enters, Tabs and multiple Spaces can be used to format the rule string for better clarity.
  • Character "|" used to split imposed file.
  • Splitter enables automatic imposed file splitting according to parameters (e.g. after a number of pages).
Crop Marks dialog:
  • Added Calibration bars option. Default CMYK or custom bars can be used.
  • The size of background is now taken from Crop Box, the number of pages is shown.
  • If background is chosen, it is not possible to change the Format of the new sheet.
  • Imposing large files is faster, memory consumption lower.
  • If during Extraction a used file is not present at an exact location, the folder of current file is searched for the same file name and if such file exists it is offered to be used.
  • Some changes were made in the appearance of the UI windows (mainly on MAC OS X) so that they better meet user expectations.

Changes in PLDA 4 (August 2009):

  • Compatibility with MAC OS X 10.5 and newer.
  • Compatibility with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • WxWidgets is used for GUI
  • Unicode support enhancements
  • It is possible to change the Scale of X and Y independently
  • New features of Adobe Acrobat 8 and 9 are used - better memory management during huge PDFs imposition
  • Activation Codes are managed by 3-rd party companies

Changes in PLDA 3.5 (April 2008):

  • New ACTIONS enable multiple impositions.
  • Mixer dialog was changed so that presents management and rule setting is inside one dialog.

Changes in PLDA 3.0 (September 2007):

  • PLDA is compatible with Microsoft Windows VISTA®.
  • Reworked engine of the application is faster, especially when working with large documents.
  • Imposed objects are editable for third-party plug-ins (for example Enfocus PitStop) even if the third-party plug-ins do not handle XObjects.
  • Optimization of the resulting PDF is stronger.
  • New "Expert" option lets the user switch the main dialog to icon-style and save space on a screen. Descriptions of the icons are displayed as tips for better orientation.
  • Installer is easier. Only choose your Adobe Acrobat version and your language.

Changes in PLDA 2.5 (May 2007):

  • Added Horizontal and Vertical Flipping to Page Mixer.
  • Fixed reported bug that influenced N-up imposition of document containing various page sizes.
  • Fixed reported bug that influenced using rotation in Virtual Mixer at pages previously rotated in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Added new languages. PLDA now fully supports: English, Czech, French, Hungarian, German, Polish, Spanish.
  • Faster imposition of optimized and large PDF documents.

Changes in PLDA 2.1 (January 2007):

  • PLDA works with Adobe Acrobat 8 (Standard or Professional).
  • Fixed bug in Virtual Mixer. Rotating of already rotated pages is now correct.
  • Saved formats, presets and Mixer presets are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Sheet disposition now has 9 options.
  • Added Bleeds option.
  • Added new features to Report.
  • Added Examples to

Changes in PLDA 2.0 (November 2006):

  • New Page Mixer options added and new Virtual Mixer which is designed to eliminate steps needed to do complicated impositions.
  • Page Mixer options can be saved and restored.
  • User can specify the main dialog's default settings.
  • Report enables user to quickly see information about dimensions of all pages in a document.
  • Default settings of the main dialog was changed so that the unused space of a sheet is not cut off.
  • Information about imposition is saved into every imposed PDF and can be retrieved for later use.
  • Saved presets now may contain a description.
  • PDFs used as background are now checked for security settings.
  • Many processes are now better optimized.

Changes in PLDA 1.5 (April 2006):

  • Added Batch processing.
  • Spacing between pages can vary.
  • Various page sizes inside one job are supported.
  • Spine and Creep can be defined for Booklets imposition.
  • PLDA can be purchased ONLINE through KAGI without leaving Adobe Acrobat. All payments are provided by KAGI, see
  • All features of PLDA a fully accessible for 10 days after installation. To continue using it then you need to buy the product.

PLDA 1.0: 15.11.2005

for Adobe Acrobat 8-12 (DC) and 2017

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