Professional impositions of PDF data


How to use the examples

Examples are demonstrations of typical jobs that you can often meet in everyday life. An example consists of a short description of task that is to be done, source file (data received from a client) and imposed file.

Use the examples either to study the PLDA settings to better understand the available functions or directly to impose your files. If your job generally matches the example, follow these steps to use the imposition for your files:

 Open the imposed file from the PLDA examples in Adobe Acrobat.
 Have the PLDA dialog shown and click the Load button and then the Extract button.
 PLDA dialog is now set to the values that were used to impose the example.
 Close the example file and open your data instead.
 Click OK in the PLDA dialog.
 The settings may be saved for latter use (click Save button).

Examples are sorted by sizes.

Virtual Mixer is used often to demostrate how powerful it is.

Imposition examples

 90 x 50 mm, simplex
 90 x 50 mm, duplex
 85 x 55 mm, simplex
 85 x 55 mm, duplex
 Variable data

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